Elon Musk’s $21 billion thriller: The place will he get money for Twitter? | Global Information

 Elon Musk and Twitter Inc. reached an agreement for the sector’s richest guy to buy…

 Elon Musk and Twitter Inc. reached an agreement for the sector’s richest guy to buy the social networking platform for $44 billion, resolving the pressing question of whether or not or now not the company’s board would consent to the leveraged buyout deal.

On Musk’s side, even supposing, there remains a mystery: How is he going to cover the $21 billion equity portion of the transaction that he’s for my part confident?

Musk, 50, has defined the $13 billion in monetary establishment financing secured by means of the social-media company and the $12.5 billion subsidized by means of a pledge of a couple of of his $170 billion Tesla Inc. stake. On the other hand he’s been transient on details about how he’ll fund the remainder.

There’s no doubt he can provide the money. Musk is the sector’s richest explicit particular person, with a fortune of $257 billion, based on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Nonetheless, he has just about $3 billion in cash and significantly liquid belongings, based on Bloomberg estimates.

That leaves him with the following possible choices:

Other Investors

One trail for Musk is finding like-minded buyers who acquire into his vision for Twitter to join him in his purchase. That may suggest quite a lot of the equity portion comes from new or provide shareholders.

He’s already hinted that this kind of method is also inside the taking part in playing cards. After his initial supply to buy Twitter, Musk discussed at a TED instance that “the intent is to retain as many shareholders as is permitted by means of the law.” 

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Private U.S. firms are generally limited to fewer than 2,000 shareholders, that implies maximum retail buyers received’t continue to private Twitter if the buyout closes. 

On the other hand larger shareholders, like Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, might make a choice to take care of their holdings inside the company within the match that they imagine in Musk’s vision. Dorsey’s stake is worth nearly $1 billion. Bloomberg Data reported Monday that Musk is lining up equity partners and continuing talks with other attainable co-investors.

On the other hand, Musk’s statement at the TED instance that he “doesn’t care regarding the economics” may scare off some attainable buyers.

Selling Stakes

Even if Musk can’t round up many various equity buyers, he has the financial firepower to head at it mainly by myself, because of the crown jewel of his huge fortune: His stake in Tesla.

After pledging stocks to cover his $12.5 billion margin loan, Musk will nevertheless non-public unpledged stocks inside the automobile company worth about $21.6 billion, primarily based most commonly on Tesla’s last price Monday. After taxes, that sale would come close to protective his complete determination, even supposing lots will depend upon the value he’s going to get for the stock.

That method comes with its non-public set of risks. For one, issues about Musk desiring to advertise a couple of of his stocks may already be weighing at the electric carmaker’s stock price. It’s down about 8% for the reason that beginning of the month. 

Selling his stakes in his private firms, SpaceX and The Uninteresting Company, is possible, then again not likely, because of they they’re so much a lot much less liquid.

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Cash, Crypto

The other likelihood: Musk is even richer than calculated by means of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 

Musk’s cash estimate will depend on filings related to publicly traded stocks and data tales, then again numerous the information on his private budget is particular. If his portfolio of investments has outperformed the marketplace, for example, Musk could be wealthier than the Bloomberg estimate and he received’t need new assets of investment to cover the $21 billion. 

Musk discussed in July he owned Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin. While it’s now not transparent how so much he holds or for some way long he’s owned them, the principle two cryptocurrencies have received about 720% and a few,600%, respectively, since March 2020, a so much steeper rally than the more or less 90% advance inside the S&P 500 Index. Dogecoin, within the intervening time, surged nearly 30% on Monday after Musk agreed to buy Twitter.